Greek universities permitted to grow cannabis

Government allows cultivation for research purposes

The cultivation of industrial hemp varieties will be permitted for research and experimental purposes in Greece.
The government’s plan is moving forward at a rapid pace. Universities and research centers in the country will son be able to freely grow hemp for research purposes, in accordance with the relevant decision published in the Government Gazette (Government Gazette B 2392/2018).

As the bill writes: “In the public research institutes of the country and in the University institutions of the country, the cultivation of varieties of industrial hemp in an area of up to five (5) hectares, per variety and growing season will be permitted for research and experimental purposes”.

The same amending decision also refers to the granting of basic subsidies to producers of industrial cannabis. According to the report, producers of industrial hemp should submit the necessary supporting documents by 30 June each year if they wish to receive the basic payment entitlement to cultivate tetrahydrocannabinol content of up to 0,2%.