Greeks go to polling stations for EP Elections

The European citizens cast their ballots for the future of the EU

Voting for the European Parliament is underway with more than 5.5 million Greek citizens, along with millions of other Europeans across the continent, going to polling stations to cast their ballots for the election of 705 MEPs (Greece elects 21).

The electoral centres opened at 7 am and will close at 7 pm in Greece, with Greeks also choosing their regional and local representatives on Sunday.
A safe estimation of the final result will be possible between 9 pm and 10 pm, as Giannis Theodoropoulos noted, the vice-chairman of Singular Logic, the company tasked with tabulating the results and releasing the data flow on TV.

The European Parliament elections will carry a clear political message both in Greece and across the continent, as the results will indicate the shape the EU will take in the future. Greeks will be called upon to decide if they approve or reject SYRIZA’s policies, a decision that will most likely trigger rapid political development in the country, as many pundits believe the leftist government will call snap elections if the margin of defeat is too high.

These elections are special for those who have reached their 17th birthday, ie those who were born until December 31, 2002, as they will be expressing their democratic right for the first time.
Voting in Greece is mandatory and failing to cast your ballot without a reason incurs a penalty.