Guaido: I call on Tsipra to stay for a week in Venezuela & experience Maduro’s regime

He stated that Greece’s attitude is worrying so far


An invitation to the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, and any member of his party, to visit Venezuela to see what is really happening, addressed the self-proclaimed new president of the country, Juan Guaido, in his exclusive interview with SKAI TV.

With regard to the decision by Athens to support Nicholas Maduro by expressing its solidarity to him, Mr. Guaido sends a message to Greece to align with the rest of the EU member states for the restoration of democracy in Venezuela, stating that Greece’s attitude is worrying so far.

“I would not like to get involved with the political affairs of Greece or its national interests. But I call on the Greek Prime Minister and any member of his party to come to Venezuela as soon as possible… Tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow if he wants to. And go together in hospitals, pharmacies, or schools in Venezuela. Or stay a week to live with Venezuela’s minimum wage and see what he thinks about Maduro’s regime”, he said.