His girlfriend broke up with him because he went out for beers with his boyfriend & ended up in Ibiza!

They realized that they had not gone on vacation together and decided to do it on the spot

It is generally known that drinking with your buddies often have an unexpected ending.

After all, everyone remembers epic nights out with friends.

But what two 19-year-olds did is something that does not happen often.

In particular, Brad Duff went to the house of his friend Reece Lornie in Dundee for a beer on the afternoon of Sunday, July 5.

However, things started to go wild after a while when the two 19-year-olds realized that they had never gone on vacation together, despite the fact that they were so close friends.

So they decided to do something about it and right away. What did they do? They went to Ibiza!

Six hours after, they found flights, arrived at Edinburgh Airport and they were staying at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel…
However, Brad’s girlfriend did not see the funny side of the story and broke up with him immediately.
“She obviously didn’t know we were here and she woke up on Monday morning and saw a photo of us saying we were in Ibiza”, said Brad, who does not appear to be…frustrated.
Speaking from Ibiza, Reece said: “We are having a great time. We have spent a fortune so far. We enjoy the weather of 34 degrees”.
“Brad came to my house on Sunday and we had a few drinks. I have no idea how we started talking about holidays and in a few hours we ended up in Ibiza”, he said.