Hooded attackers throw petrol bomb at Kesariani Police Station

A separate group attacked a police reporter

A bout 10 hooded individuals attacked the Kesariani Police station with cocktail molotov bombs a little after 3.30am on Tuesday morning.
The attackers hurled petrol bombs against the police officer on guard before fleeing towards surrounding streets.

A little earlier, a group of people attacked reporter Mina Karamitrou, who covers police-related news for Open TV station, at her residence. The assailants burnt her car parked outside her house.

Speaking to Proto Thema, Mina Karamitrou said: “A powerful blast. The residents of the apartments saw my car burning and they all tried to put it out before it spread and caused worse problems. The expert firemen told me they culprits has poured a flammable material in the front part of the vehicle”.

She said it was sad that in 2019 some people believed they could silence journalists.

According to police officers, these actions are linked to the attacks that have been taking place in recent days by anti-authoritarians, due to the negative response to the request by convicted terrorist Dimitris Koufodinas for a furlough.