“In 2019 I will come & I will take all these islands”, says Turkish main opposition leader!

A clear threat of war!


The leader of the main opposition party in Turkey has, for the first time, openly threatened Greece with war. After the Republican party MP, Engin Altai, who had said that “as the Greeks came, they would leave” referring to the Greek islands, the leader of the main opposition, Kemal Kilikdaroglou, took his turn in the last two days, in an attempt to win nationalist voters.

Kiliktaroglou said on Saturday:

“Greece has occupied 18 Aegean islands, plus a rocky islet. The Greek defense minister replied, “Come and take them” (Μολών Λαβέ). I will come in 2019 and I will take all these islands. Do you know why I say that? They were saiying the same things (“come and taken them”) for Cyprus as well. And what did the late Prime Minister Ecevit do? He went and took Cyprus”.