Instagram influencers are getting sick from swimming in a toxic lake in Spain

It is actually a toxic wasteland!

It’s no secret that Instagram influencers will do almost anything to get the shot. It’s literally the whole reason why “doing it for the ‘gram” is a common phenomenon. I get it, it’s totally ingrained in our culture now, but for likes and follows would you be willing to swim in or take pics of a lake that’s actually toxic to your health? The obvious answer should be no, but let’s be real—not everyone is that smart.

Surrounded by mountains and filled with sparkling turquoise-blue water, the Monte Neme lake in Galicia, Spain has become an Insta-popular attraction in a short amount of time. But now, Instagram influencers are reporting some extreme bodily discomfort and sickness after visiting the lake, People reports. One influencer told Spanish news outlet Publico that she came down with a rash for two weeks, and suffered multiple instances of vomiting. The publication also reported that more than one influencer had to be hospitalized “for damage to the skin and digestive system,” which is all very scary.

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