ISIS commander Lavdrim Muhaxheri from Kosovo has entered Europe with 400 jihadists!

Many entered as refugees…

An ex-NATO soldier, Lavdrim Muhaxheri a.k.a. Abu Abdullah the Kosovar, has returned to Europe. The ISIS commander had organized a small army based on his training and the money of the various economic activities of the Islamic State.


The security services in Europe are in high alert as the information they are getting indicate that he along with approximately 400 of his most loyal men have entered Europe and their whereabouts are unknown.


The Italian authorities were the first that took notice of his possible return and it was confirmed later by other collaborating countries in Europe.


It is believed that his objective is to create small groups in different European countries and to organize terrorist attacks.


Along with the Kosovar terrorist, it is presumed that his second in command has also returned to Europe. Ridvan Haqifi is also high in ISIS’ hierarchy and he is considered as the mastermind behind several terrorist acts, notably the unsuccessful attack during the football game between the national teems of Albania and Israel as well as an attack on a Serbian Orthodox Church. These acts led to the arrest of 19 people connected with the ex-NATO soldier’s network.


It should be noted that when the Italy requested the assistance of Kosovo’s authorities, the latter denied to initiate an investigation.