ISIS propaganda video calls on Australian Muslims to target “apostate” clerics (photo)

Video urges Muslims to boycott clerics who work with western government

Islamic State has taken aim at several Australian religious scholars in its latest propaganda video, calling on followers to kill the sheikhs because they discourage violence.
Youth leader Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman, NSW Police Force chaplain Sheikh Ahmed Abdo and the Grand Mufti of Australia, Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, have been branded “collaborators, informers and apostates” in the 25-minute video titled Fight the leaders of disbelief.
The video, which mentions several Muslim clerics around the world, is a chilling and unprecedented escalation on previous calls to boycott leaders who work with governments, police and leaders of other faiths.
The terrorist group also condemns clerics from Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern regimes, who are seen to be collaborating with their regimes.




Muslim Skeikh Ahmed Abdo one of the targest in IS video




Shiekh Shady Alsuleiman appears in IS video

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