ISIS terrorists in Greece planned to attack White House!

Newspaper “Thema” brings court documents of suspects’ activities to light

Two Muslim individuals with Swedish passports who were sentenced to 15 years in prison by a Greek Court in Thrace for ties with ISIS about 10 ten ago, were planning to blow up the White House, according to the trial documents “Thema” has brought yo light. Ad the court files revealed Bectasevic had been questioned by British MI5, which levelled him as an organiser of a potential suicide attack against the White House and Capitol Hill in the US. The court files also include references to video material available online showing that one of the two suspects was making a bomb, while there is also extensive reference to the involvement of the UK secret services. 30-year-old Mirad Bectasevic, a Swedish citizen, who was sentenced by the Thrace Court of Appeals, was revealed to have close ties with ISIS during the court hearings and is considered to be one the most active Islamist members across Europe, with close affiliations to Islamist terrorist cells in Vienna. The other suspect, also a Swedish citizen, is called Al Hasani Amer Haled Mohamed, and was arrested in January by Greek police for possession of weapons. Both men were charged with planning to carry out terrorist attacks by the Thrace Criminal Appeals Court against an anonymous target. During the Greek police’s search an improved suicide bomb vest had been discovered, along with 18 kilos of industrial explosive material, timers and detonators. According to the deposition in court of one the arresting police officers involved in the case, Bectasevic along with another individual appear in a video in black masks surrounded by a cache of weapons threatening to attack countries involved in military action in Iraq and Afghanistan. Police were led to the arrest of 9 other suspects in London and Denmark, after Greek police examined the contacts of Bectasevic on his cell phone. The suspect is known online with the alias “Maximus” or “Abu Imad Sanjaki” and is a recruiter for Muslims to rise up against the Iraqi government. As British Times reports Bectasevic, who had been arrested multiple tines in the pats, had visited the former head of Al-Qaeda in Iraq Abu Musab al-Zarqawiin. A BBC video on terrorism makes extensive reference to the actions of Bectasovic, while he is mentioned in the book “Understanding Terrorism Innovation and Learning: Al-Qaeda and Beyond” that focuses on terrorist innovation in theory and in practice. The Swedish national was the central figure of an Islamist cell active in Denmark and the UK according to site, after investigations by authorities.