It’s official: Kammenos leaves coalition government

Developing Story

“The issue of Macedonia does not allow me not to sacrifice the (ministerial) chair. I thanked the Prime Minister for the cooperation and I explained to him that due to this national issue the cooperation can not continue. ANEL leaves the government”, was the statement of Panos Kammenos after his meeting with the Greek PM Alexis Tsipras on Sunday morning.

Earlier, Mr Kammenos had referred to his meeting with the prime minister, with whom he had a “fairly long discussion”.

Indeed, he referred to the four-year cooperation saying, “we come from different places and we have come together to get out of our memoranda. The first prime objective was achieved”.

The president of the Independent Greeks (ANEL), who will shortly give a press conference where he is expected to announce more details on the terms of the government “divorce”, said he thanked the prime minister for the cooperation.