How much does Johhny Depp spend a month? (photos)

Has 14 houses and 70 guitars

Johnny Depp’s former managers have alleged that the Hollywood actor is living an extravagant life-style worth 2 million dollars per month complete with 14 houses, 70 guitars and a huge passion for wine. The news comes after Depp launched a $25 million lawsuit in December 2016 against his business managers at The Management Group claiming “gross mismanagement” of his affairs, and TMG countersued. He said the company failed to properly pay his taxes on his behalf, made unauthorized loans, and overpaid for “security and other services,” costing him “tens of millions of dollars” and leading to financial trouble, which he claims he only became aware of in March of last year.
The lawsuit lifts the lid, in extraordinary detail, on Depp’s alleged “extravagant and extreme” spending habits. We took a look through to discover how the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star splurges his earnings. Figures are quoted in TMG’s lawsuit, which is available in full here.
In May, The Hollywood Reporter published a piece that detailed other alleged spending habits. It also revealed that Depp was reportedly causing problems on the set of the upcoming “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” by drinking heavily and showing up late, which left hundreds of extras waiting for hours.