Killers follow eight-stage pattern of domestic abuse

“If you start looking at all these cases, there’s planning, determination, there’s always coercive control”

Criminologists have discovered a ‘murder timeline’ that could be used by police to prevent domestic violence deaths.

Dr Jane Monckton Smith found the link in 372 killings across the UK.

The University of Gloucestershire lecturer said that controlling behaviour could be a key warning sign of someone’s potential to kill their partner.

One woman who was almost murdered by her former partner welcomed the research and said every woman should be aware of the steps.

Dr Monckton Smith said women account for more than 80% of victims killed by their partner – and most of the time the partner is male.

Across the world in 2017, some 30,000 women were murdered by a current or former partner.

The academic looked at all the cases on the Counting Dead Women website and found a typical pattern.

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