Latest poll: ND leads SYRIZA by 13%

Public disappointed with government’s handling of oil spill in Salamina

Major opposition party New Democracy (ND) holds a 13% point lead over ruling leftist party SYRIZA in the latest poll conducted by the University of Macedonia (PAMAK). The results aired on Skai TV’s Monday night main news bulletin, showed that 30.5% of those asked preferred ND, compared to 17.5% who said they liked SYRIZA. Although the data showed ND had consolidated a double digit lead over their political opponents, the conservative party had lost some points compared to the previous poll PAMAK, while SYRIZA had gained a couple of percentage points. Socialist PASOK (7.5%) and extreme right Golden Dawn (7%) were vying for 3rd spot, followed by the communist KKE party with 6.5%. The poll showed that 85.5% of the respondents believed the government would implement new economic measures, while 80% said things were moving in the wrong direction. 75% responded that the government did not create a favourable environment for private investments, while 58.5% stated they were not pleased with the way the government handled the oil spill and the subsequent ecological disaster in the harbour of Salamina, with 53.5% holding Maritime Minister Panagiotis Kouroumplis culpable.