Man tells Greek police he broke coronavirus quarantine to have sex!

The young Roma said he did not know how to write

Not even a deadly global pandemic can quench the sexual desires of some people it seems…A young Roma male in the city of Agrinio in central Greece informed police officers during a routine check that he had left his home to make love…

Since the implementation of the draconian lockdown in the country in an effort to contain the spread of C0vid-19 virus, Greek police have been charged with patrolling the movement of citizens making sure they carry a special permit with the designated reasons for mvoing around.

But they were probably taken aback, when they came across the “fiery lover” . As agrionionews reports, the young Roma took out a piece of paper which wrote as a reason for his movement “To make love”. The stunned officers were not convinced…

The young man’s excuse was that he did not know how to write and asked a friend to write something for him as reason for his movement, who thought it prudent to present as a reason his sexual needs!

Police slapped him with the designated €150 fine, and will probably include this incident as one of the most bizarre in the report they file.

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