Markos Botsaris: A Hollywood movie for the Greek hero, with Simon Kassianides!

It will bear the signature of James Cameron


The movie is about a love affair during the Greek Revolution of 1821 and it has abudget of $25 million.


Greek-British actor Simon Kassianides just finished filming his new movie “Cliffs of Freedom” and he can’t hide his happiness for the opportunity he was given to play in a movie about one of the important periods in Greek history. As he states, even in these difficult times Greece and its struggles are still inspiring.

“When they offered this role to me I didn’t need to think much, I imidiately said ‘yes’. I knew that my participation in such a movie would make many people proud and above all my mother, that raised me with the Greek mentality and behavior”, he explains.


The filming took place in Santa Fe, Mexico and the scenario is Marian Metropoulos’, wife of one of the top wealthiest 20 Greek-Americans according to Forbes.


The director is Van Ling that has connected his name with films like “Titanic” and “Terminator 2”, while James Cameron is Head of Visual.


The movie is due for release around the end of 2017.


As Kassianides says, “the movie will be a starting point for the career of many actors, as there are greater expectations than the ones originaly set for “Troy” and “300”.


By his side we will see Billy Zane, also of Greek origin (from Sparta) as well as Christopher Plummer.
Simon Kassiades career started in the Theaters of London and it was there that he got discovered and was offered a role in “The Edge of Love”. It was there that he got noticed and was offered the role of the villain in “James Bond: Quantum of Solace” next to Daniel Craig.


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