Milos part of Aegean Sailing Rally

It is the 56 international sailing race

The beautiful island of Milos will be one of the stops for a second year in the historic sailing race “Aegean Rally”, organised by HORC (Hellenic Offshore Racing Club).

HORC decided to select Milos as one the two island stations, Astypalaia being the other, thanks to its good cooperation with the Municipal Authority and especially with Mayor Gerasimos Damoulakis. “The Rally is a very big event that promotes sports and sea tourism. Thanks to the Rally and the local sailing club, many children decide to engage in sailing. Dozens of sailors from Greece and abroad will arrive in on our island, become ambassadors of our island and strengthen the local economy”, said the Mayor.

The International Aegean Sailing Rally is a regatta with a long history, organized every year by the HORC (Hellenic Offshore Racing Club). It is the oldest and most splendid sailing event in Greece and is characterized as a Marine Marathon. From 1964 on, it gathers contestants from around the world and Greece at the same time.

The fleet of the 56th Aegean Rally will sail from Astypalaia to Milos on 24 June. The Organising Committee has planned to carry out various sporting events during the stay of the contestants on the island. “As always, in cooperation with HORC, we will organise various events, and with the awarding of the medals, we will promote the beautiful hospitality that our island can offer. The “Aegean Rally” has adopted the campaign “Take Me Home”, the effort to return the famous statue of the “Aphrodite of Milos” to its island”, the event organisers said.