Mistotakis on Alpha TV: I will cut taxes and clean up Exarchia (video)

Government lacks political will to catch terrorists, he says

Speaking to anchor Antonis Srioter of Alpha TV’s nightly news bulletin, the leader of Greece’s major opposition New Democracy (ND) party, Kyriakos Mitsotakis vowed to repeal the government’s “illegal procedures” to permanently appoint seasonal contracted employees in the public sector.

Mr. Mitsotakis made it clear that his government would not stand for placing more burden on the state budget by maintaining public servants, contrary to court rulings. “If we ascertain that some contracted employees were given a permanent status in violation of the Supreme Court’s rulings, we will not accept it”, he underlined.

He went on to say that his government would change the law passed by the current administration that banned local governments from appealing to courts in the event a first instance ruling went against them. The opposition leader added that he would allow hirings in sectors of the state that were deemed necessary like in health.

On the issue of his intention to cut taxes, Mr. Mitsotakis doubled down, stressing he was determined to move forward with his plan, even if this meant clashing with the country’s creditors and making unilateral decisions. “If the government presents a convincing plan of reforms, then I am certain that the institutions will accept to cut -be it marginally- the primary surplus targets”, Mr. Mitsotakis claimed. He argued that entrepreneurship must be supported in Greece, while labeling the new tax contributions freelance professionals were burdened with as “madness.”

The leader of ND promised the first bill passed by his government would be to reform the organisational structure of the government. “We will create a tighter cabinet and trust the more experienced and skilled public servants, instead of hiring revocable employees”, he stressed.

Mr. Mitsotakis expressed his complete confidence in the Greek police after it was revealed he was on the hit list of detained terrorist Pola Roupa, while accusing the political leadership of the police force for lacking the political will to intervene in the “terrorist-infested” district of Exarchia in Athens. “A new generation of terrorists is being bred in Exarchia. Heavy weapons are being circulated and police are not taking action because there is no political will”, he said, pledging to “clean” the area up.