Moria: One more chapel vandalized (photo)

Similar incidences have been reported all over Greece as well

The small chapel of Agia Aikaterini, which is located on the road leading to the Moria hot spot in Lesvos, became the target of unknown people who caused extensive damage.

This was the second time this has happened in the last two years!

The photo posted on social media shows the result of the vandals’ raid who threw the crucifix to the floor, removed the decorated frames of the icons, caused great damage to the paintings on the inner wall and the ceiling, but also on the outer surfaces.

After the previous invasion in the chapel, the church officials had tried to secure it with locks, but that did not stop the invaders.

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Local police have been notified of the new vandalism, but the perpetrators are unlikely to be identified.

This is one of many churches and chapels that have been targeted in the island by vandals. In previous attacks jihadist writing were written on the walls and on the frescoes of the churches that were targeted. Similar incidences have been reported all over Greece as well.