Mother and daughter Jehovah’s Witnesses followers die waiting for resurrection in Albania

The younger daughter was rushed to hospital in critical condition

Two women, a mother, and her daughter were found dead, while the younger daughter was admitted to hospital in a critical condition in Albania when they decided to follow their religious sect of Jehovah’s Witnesses which proclaimed they would be resurrected and enjoy eternal life.

The three women, 56-year-old Zaneta and her 30-year-old daughter Anisa were found dead at their home in Tirana, while younger daughter Bletra was rushed to hospital in critical condition due to starvation.

The young woman who survived told police: “You can’t understand our sacrifices to get to this point.”

According to initial medical reports, the older daughter had possibly been dead for quite a long time and was kept in bed by her mother and sister in anticipation of the “resurrection”, using various ointments that prevented the corpse from rotting and smelling.

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The father had died ar 56 two months ago, and since then the three women had cut off all contact with the neighbours, while they had not been seen exiting their house over the same period.

Albanian police are investigating the incident.