Mother “loses it” when her marine son appears! (video)

Heartwarming moment

A heartwarming moment was captured on video after an ecstatic mother from Los Angeles was reunited with her Marine son who she hadn’t seen in two years.

She was hosting a family reunion when her son, who was dressed in uniform, walked through and surprised her.

Jumping up and down and on the verge of tears, the joyous moment stunned other party-goers who had no idea the soldier would make the grand entrance.

The video, which was posted September 2, shows the emotional moment the mother and son embraced.

The son can be seen walking in as one family member notices him first and starts screaming out to him.

Immediately after his mother notices, which is when she starts running up and down the patio completely shocked and amazed.
The duo are then seen hugging one another as the friend videoing the footage says: ‘We got you!’ while another person yells out: ‘your baby is home.’

The mother who is still in disbelief at seeing her son shouts out: ‘I ain’t seen him in two years!’