Muslim students wielding swords in Greece! (photos)

In the event the children reenacted an ISIS-style execution!

Worrying images showing students between the ages of 5 and 10 wielding swords and demonstrating their abilities and skills emerged in the village of Glafki in Xanthi, in the northeast of Greece. The children were trained how to use the weapons during Quranic lessons taught by Imam Erkan Azizoglou, who is associated with the pseudo-Mufti Ahmet Mete. The children can be seen showing off their sword skills in public during a summer event. In the event the reenacted an ISIS-style execution!

Mete wrote in a personal post on his social media. “Our 2nd Summer Event, organised by the students of the Koranic Courses, added a feast to our celebrations…”

“I congratulate our students. May my Creator give them life by supporting their spiritual and national values.”

He went on to congratulate the people of Glafki, while he also thanked the Turkish Consulate of Komotini, which is notorious for frequently fuelling pro-Turkish nationalistic sentiments by propagating the idea that the Muslim population is ethnically Turkish. Present at the event was the Muslim MP Husein Zeybek.

It is worth noting that unlike Greece, in Austria, after the appearance of similar images and events, the state closed seven mosques and expelled 40 imams.