Mykonos: Water sports owner and driver to face prosecutor over child's death

The 10-year-old boy slipped off the banana ride and was killed by the propeller of the speedboat that came to collect him

A ten-year-old boy was killed while on an inflatable “banana” boat ride at the beach of Kalo Livadi on the Cycladic isle of Mykonos on Monday afternoon. According to the coast guard, the boy slipped off the inflatable banana and fell into the sea. The speedboat returned to collect him, however the driver accidentally killed the child with the propeller of the boat. The owner of the water sports company who owned the ride and the operator of the speedboat towing the inflatable game were arrested and are due to appear before the prosecutor of the isle of Syros today.

The child is believed to have been killed instantaneously when the speedboat ran over him. He was wearing a life jacket that the driver confused for the propeller.He was transported by emergency services for his death to be verified. The parents of the unfortunate child saw the incident take place infront of their eyes and the father immediately called the coastal guard to drag the boy’s lifeless body from the sea.

The tragic incident has caused many people to criticise water sports in the area as Mykonos, known as the “Isle of Winds”, is known for having high wind velocities that sometimes go as high as 7 beaufort. There has been criticism of the fact that jet skis whiz through the area at great speeds close to swimmers.

Kalo Livadi beach is a 400-meter strip of sand of which 50 meters had been leased to the watersports owner involved in the tragic accident.