ND leads ruling SYRIZA 10.8 points for European Elections in poll for Proto Thema

ND also leads in the voters’ intentions for the national elections

Major opposition party New Democracy (ND) lead ruling SYRIZA by 9.1 points in the voter’s intention for the national elections, according to the latest poll by pollsters Marc on behalf of Proto Thema.
The data showed the Movement of Change came in third.

The opposition party also leads SYRIZA in terms of voters’ intentions for the upcoming European elections by 1010.8 points.

Respondents polled on which party they would most likely to vote for the 26 May European elections, 29.4% said ND, SYRIZA 18.6%, Movement for Change 6.7%, Golden Dawn 5.4%, and KKE 4.7%.

In voters’ intention to for the national elections, the party of Vasilis Leventis and Kyriacos Velopoulos were very close to the 3% threshold required for a party to enter the House.