Nearly all documents needed by citizens to soon be available online, Theodorikakos says

“Τhis is a very critical and important upgrade”

As of next month, almost all documents needed by the citizens will be available electronically, via the internet, limiting bureaucracy and making things easier for all Greeks, Interior Minister Takis Theodorikakos said on Wednesday in an interview with SKAI radio.

As the minister explained, it will be possible for all these supporting documents to be received electronically by citizens but also by public sector services, without an application, if deemed necessary. As he said, “this is a very critical and important upgrade”.

Referring to teleworking, which is now being used by a significant proportion of public-sector workers, Theodorikakos noted that “many of the innovations that are being developed need to be legally established, as no one had predicted until now that a situation may arise where widespread use of teleworking is needed. So there are now requirements and challenges on an institutional level as well”.

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Source: amna