New caretaker PM, govt sworn in; election on Sept. 20

Roughly seven months in power for Alexis Tsipras and his radical leftists…

A new caretaker government until snap elections next month will be sworn-in on Friday, with Supreme Court justice Vassiliki Thanou as prime minister. The Cabinet, as announced, includes:

Meanwhile, a presidential decree dissolving Parliament and setting snap elections for Sept. 20 has been signed, according to reports. The selection of a date as soon as possible was a standing demand by the outgoing SYRIZA government, while most of the opposition — including the party formed from the SYRIZA split — calling for a later date.

Foreign Minister: Petros Molyviatis

Alternate Minister for European Affairs: Spyros Flogaitis

Interior Minister: Antonis Manitakis

Alternate Minister for Civil Protection: Antonis Makrydimitris

Alternate Minister of Migration Policy: Ioannis Mouzalas

Deputy Minister of Macedonia-Thrace: Filippos Tsalidis

Finance Minister: Giorgos Houliarakis

Alternate Finance Minister: Tryfon Alexiadis

Shipping Minister: Nikos Christodoulakis

Alternate Shipping Minister: Christos Zois

Alternate Tourism Minister: Alkistis Protopsalti

National Defence Minister: Ioannis Giangos

Education Minister: Frosso Kiaou

Alternate Culture Minister: Marina Lambraki-Plaka

Productive Reconstruction Minister: Ioannis Golias

Alternate Environment Minister: Constantinos Mousouroulis

Alternate Agricultural Development Minister: Dimitrios Melas

Justice Minister: Dimitris Papangelopoulos

Labour Minister: Dimitris Moustakas

Health Minister: Athanasios Dimopoulos

State Minister for Combatting Corruption: Panagiotis Nikoloudis

State Minister: Eleftherios Papageorgopoulos

Government Spokesman: Rodolfos Moronis


Meanwhile, outgoing PM Alexis Tsipras left the prime ministerial Maximos Mansion on Thursday evening after receiving Thanou. Tsipras resigned last week and opted for early elections after essentially losing his parliament majority due to a split in his ruling party.

The caretaker government will be sworn in on Friday at 1 p.m. (11.00 GMT).