New photo of Albanian nationalist in Greek army surfaces! (photo)

Greek Defence Minister speaks of revival of Albanian expanionism

A new incident of Albanian nationalism in the Greek armed forces has surfaced, after it was revealed that a soldier serving in the unit of the Hellenic Forces in Cyprus (ELDYK) had posted a photo on social media forming the Albanian double eagle. The latest incident comes a few days after the uproar caused by the seven recruits in the military boot-camp in Mesolongi, who had posted a photo on Facebook forming the same had sign. The first incident prompted the Army General Staff to launch an investigation, while an irate Defence Minister made reference to a revival of Albanian nationalist expansionism and called for strict punishment of those involved. The Army General Staff released a statement saying it would follow the procedures in dealing with the second case as with the first one. A military judge of Ioannina has been assigned to investigate the details of seven recruits.