Tourists in Greece exceed 23.5 million over first nine months

Corresponds to 10.3% increase in the tourism revenue

According to the Bank of Greece (BoG), there was a 10.3% increase in the tourism revenue for the first nine months of 2017 (January-September) which corresponded to €12.994 billion. The figure is indicative of the rise in the number of tourists that visited Greece during the period.
Inbound tourism traffic exceeded 23.5 million travellers compared to 21.4 million who visited during the same period last year. EU-28 travel traffic stood at 16,047 million passengers over the same term, an increase of 8.1% compared to the same period in 2016, while travel from non-EU-28 countries increased by 15.1% to 7,488 million travelers. Traveling from the Eurozone countries increased by 9.8%, while that of the EU-28 outside the euro area increased by 6.3%.
More specifically, revenue from Eurozone residents increased by 19.7% to €5,546 million, while EU-28 non-euro area residents increased by 5.6% and were to €3,285 million.
In particular, revenue from France increased by 18% to €923 million, while revenue from Germany increased by 25.7% to €2.075 million. Revenue from the United Kingdom also increased by 15.8% to €1,890 million. Out of non-EU-28 countries, a 3.1% decrease was recorded for revenue from Russia, which amounted to €385 million, while those from the US increased by 1.2% to €683 million.