Northern Athens girls after good sex. Western Athens girls after stability

Economic crisis has affected relationships

Ahhh, Valentine’s Day! The day of the year that love birds all around the globe are waiting to do something special and express their dedication and faith to their better halves. But in times of economic crisis in Greece, it seems love is not at the top of the ladies priorities. According to a study by the Andrological Institute of Athens, women have become more realistic when it comes to choosing their mate.


The harsh financial situation in Greece means girls from lower economic backgrounds opt to find “Mr. Perfect” based on his financial security. The data revealed that women from the less affluent western suburbs of Athens prefer the ideal candidate to offer them financial stability and security, as well as fidelity rather than erotic life. On the other hand, women with an average monthly income of over 2.000 euros place sexual pleasure high on their list of a potential partner.


The study was carried out in 3 stages over a sample of 600 women between 25 and 45 years old, in 2008, 2013 and 2016. The participants, who were from the wealthier suburbs in the northern suburbs and the lower income suburbs in western Athens, had a middle of higher level of education and an average monthly income of 1,000 euros and over 2,000 euros. Only a little over 20% of western suburb women with an average income of up to 1,000 euros said they were interested in a “good sexual life” in a relationship, in comparison to over 50% from the wealthier northern suburb women. Both groups were similar in terms of their wants regarding security (30%), economic status (20%) and social environment (30%) the desired of their partner. The study showed that even woken from the northern suburbs, who were more financially in dependent were not immune to the economic crisis, as a percentage also placed high value on feeling financially secure.