OASA Photography & video competition

Give it a go!

OASA (Athens Urban Transit Organization) is inaugurating its presence in social media with a photography and video competition through its Facebook and Instagram pages entitled “Mesa” or “Way to Go!”
OASA’a aim is to get citizens to see public transport (via bus, metro, tram, electric train and trolley) in a whole new way, and to get inspired by and take pictures or videos of moments from their daily commutes, capturing Athens and its various transportation modes, each from their own unique perspective.


1. Go to OASA’s Facebook page or Instagram page
2. Upload your original photo or video, writing: @ oasa.gr or #oasagr
3. Compete for one of OASA’s 27 prizes for the first round of the competition, which ends on December 31, 2016
The categories are:
Category: Black & White photograph (9 prizes)
Category: Color photograph (9 prizes)
Category: Video (9 prizes)
The prizes (in all three categories) are:
1st prize: A one-year pass
2nd – 4th prize: A three-month pass
5 th – 9 th prize: A one-month pass
Each category will feature a different theme and the winners of each competition will be announced on OASA’s Facebook and Instagram pages.
As the Managing Director of OASA, Mr. Ioannis Skoubouris, stated: “Our aim is to (re) discover the artistic side of our daily lives through public transport and together to create beautiful images that inspire us all. OASA is making a tremendous effort to reorganize and modernize urban transport, and in so doing we want our commuters, our citizens, with us. Help us so we can highlight the multidimensional social contribution of public transit to the city.”


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