On May 2018 the holistic luxury spa “Euphoria Retreat” finally opens its doors (PHOTOS)

A new luxury spa destination of international standards

About 2,5 hours from Athens and 50 minutes from the airport of Kalamata is the “Euphoria Retreat” which will open its gates to the public in May. The goal for 2018 is to put Peloponnese firmly on the European “map” for luxurious stay and rejuvenation, creating one destination for the whole year.


Mrs Marina Efraimoglou, known for her many years of experience in the sector of financial services, since she was one of the founders of the stockbroker company TELESIS and the first woman bank chairman in Greece, has invested 20 million Euros at Mistras. Mrs Efraimoglou has shifted her attention over the past 14 years to the world of holistic medicine and wellbeing, studying Chinese Medicine in Greece and abroad, as well as alternative cures. Hence, it is not a surprise that Mrs Efraimoglou launched the “Euphoria Retreat” ambitious project, since it will operate on a 12-month basis in order to attract visitors’ throughout the year offering holistic methods of well-being.


Describing her vision on the official website of the new wellness destination she mentions that the idea and decision to create the “Euphoria Retreat” goes back approximately 20 years ago, when herself, amid very intense rhythms at work and stress, made her first alternative vacations to a similar destination outside of Greece. Now, with “Euphoria Retreat” Mrs Efraimoglou states that she is grateful for the fact that she has the opportunity to realize her dream and to share her passion.



“Euphoria Retreat” is a new luxury spa destination of international standards, a five-star hotel consisting of 45 luxurious rooms and suites, one Mediterranean cuisines restaurant, 18 luxurious treatment rooms, one unique swimming pool for hydrotherapy, fitness club etc. The new destination for visitors from Europe, Russia, USA and the Middle East, mainly of high income criteria, is in a especially beautiful location with rich history and unique natural beauty, in the Byzantine city-castle of Mystras and “aims to initiate visitors in the world of holistic welfare, offering high-quality services hospitality, wellness and spa programs”.



The marketing and communication strategy of “Euphoria Retreat” has been commissioned to Mindhaus, which specializes in tourism marketing and is a subsidiary of V+O Greece, while the branding of the new destination spa, as well as the creative communication, has been undertaken by Unlimited Creativity, a subsidiary of V+O Greece as well.