Only 400 Covid-19 cases from 1.3 million tourists in July in Greece

The Tourists Minister said tests were ongoing at all levels

The Minister of Tourism for Greece, Haris Theocharis said that only 400 COVID-19 cases had been recorded from the 1,3 million tourists that entered the country in the month of July.

“Out of 1.3 million tourists who have visited our country in July, the COVID-19 cases amount to only 400,” said today Haris Theocharis, referring to the epidemiological data from the incoming tourism in an interview with Skai TV on Thursday.

The Minister of Tourism stressed that “July was a trial month for Greek tourism. We closed with 15% to 20% of the corresponding tourist traffic last year. I’m sure August will be better than July.”

In relation to the permitted occupancy on ships, means of transport, etc., but also the control procedures that are applied, Mr. Theocharis stated that “the situation with occupancy is dynamic and is reviewed at regular intervals. The same goes for the health protocols, which we adjust according to the developments”.