OrangeLand: Growth through oranges

An initiative to enhancing tourism in Laconia

OrangeLand Sparta is an initiative based on the promotion of orange with the view to enhancing tourism in Laconia, a region in the southeastern part of the Peloponnese peninsula.

“The orange is a product-symbol of Laconia,” the founder of Orangeland Christos Papadimitrakopoulos said in an interview with the Athens Macedonian News Agency (ANA).

The company offers a series of experiences from the cultivation of this high nutrition fruit to its consumption.

“This aim of this imitative is to familiarize people with the benefits of the orange and inform them about the whole procedure until it ends up to the shelves of the supermarket,” Papadimitrakopoulos explained.

Orange Factory boasts one of the most contemporary juice production plants in Greece. Visitors can watch the production line, get informed about the industrial process as well as learning about professions and specialties associated with the orange. The fully equipped conference centre of Orangeland emphasises on issues related to the supply chain of juice.

“Education is an important part of our work. Producers will feel very proud of their work and at the same time have an extra income from the visitors,” he said adding that this will also support the tourist development in the wider region.

Some of the facilities have already been constructed, while the construction permits for the rest of them will be submitted in 2017.