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Photo-realistic hair cuts you won’t believe! (photos)

Now that’s talent!

In the old days getting a haircut was pretty much a regular task. You would go into the barber’s shop or the hair salon, sit in the chair, pick a style you liked and leave the rest to the pro with the scissors. But we’ve come along way since the days of plain old haircuts. Now the heads of customers become the canvases for the creative expression of the hair stylists and their clients! Just take a look at these amazing life-like portraits and themes! They will blow your mind with how realistic they are!
1. Basketball Superstar Fanatic

Having a look-a-like jersey of your favorite basketball player is old school!

2. Cool Artist Hair Art

Contemporaty Art meets BarberArt

3. Money for Luck!

Cool way of attracting money without getting inked.

4. Favourite Actor

Told you, t-shirts and fan-sign is old school.

5. Tattoo on Your Hair

Amazing execution of hair dye to give life to the rose!

6. Boxing Champion Fan

Show up how cool you are as a fan of the legendary boxing champion

7. Cowabangga Style!

Copied from his bag design, now a Hair Art.
8. Skull Hair Art

Commonly seen as a tatto but know it is also a hair art! Isn’t that cool?