“Rubicon” Anarchist group members barge in hospital & accuse doctor of taking bribes

Domestic terrorism seems to be on the rise again in Greece


Members of “Rubicon” anarchist group; notorious in its blitzkrieg-like destructive attacks on government offices, has apparently taken on yet another public facade: That of patients’ vigilante.

Members of the group invaded “Evangelismos” hospital in Athens today, accusing a doctor in his office of taking bribes. As usual, the group filmed the incident and posted it online a few hours later.

Along with the video, “Rubicon” posted a declaration which attempts to explain and justify their actions. “It has been proven that waiting around for the state to clean up its own messes is an exercise in futility,” the group writes.

“We have no illusions that our actions can make it happen. There are no saviors. Active social conscience, vigilance and preparedness alone can help deal with such issues. Courage and solidarity can solve the problems perpetuated by the local state and capital.”

Source: greekreporter.com