Russia: Opening of Varosha in Cyprus is unacceptable

The Russian Foreign Ministry released a relevant statement

Russia dubbed Turkey’s decision to open the coastal front in the Varosha region, located in the neutral zone of Cyprus, unacceptable, according to a statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“The statements about the opening of a section of Varosha in the enclosed area of ​​the city of Famagusta (Republic of Cyprus) are a matter of serious concern. We consider the decision to open the Varosia area unacceptable,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

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The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the unilateral actions, which violate the UN Security Council resolutions taken in the past, create additional difficulties for the resumption of negotiations on the solution of the Cyprus issue. “The Russian Federation, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, remains consistent in the settlement procedures set out in these resolutions and is ready to assist in their implementation,” the statement said.