Ryanair will not require passengers to have Covid-19 vaccine to travel

A “coronavirus passport” is not really important the company said

Ryanair will not require passengers to be vaccinated in order to fly on its routes, the company said, noting that a “coronavirus passport” is not really important.

“With the short getaways and the freedom of transport in Europe, I believe we will see a completely different landscape in the spring and early summer”, said the company’s executive director, Eddie Wilson.

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He added that people will be able to travel to Europe by other means of transport without a vaccine, so if someone needs to travel to Paris, for example, and does not want to get the vaccine, they can travel by train.

The CEO of the airline Michael O’Leary, speaking on the online World Travel Market, predicted a return to 75-80% of the traffic before the crisis by next summer, after the announcements about the vaccines.