SHOCKING! The 15-minute video of Bakari Henderson’s murder! (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)


The video of the murderous lynch attack that claimed the life of the young American tourist Bakari Henderson has been released by Proto Thema and it is shocking!

The attack took place at Laganas, Zante in Greece on Friday.

Eight men are the main suspects so far, six Serbs, one Greek and a British citizen, and they have been charged in connection with Henderson’s death.

The 15-minute video shows clearly Henderson running as he tries to escape, but a strong kick knocks him down behind a parked car. In seconds, those after him started mercilessly kicking him on his face and body.

The blows are murderous, since the unfortunate man does not seem to have the chance to defend himself not even for a second.

When the perpetrators understand that the 22-year-old is unconscious the blows stop. Some girls who see what is happening try to stop them. Some others seem unable to realize what they are seeing.

Bakari is not moving … Someone is trying to help him, but he is not responsive. Within five minutes an ambulance arrives and takes the 22-year-old.

The road is almost empty, and the only thing that reminds everyone that Bakari Henderson died there, are the bloodstains on the road…