Six ancient Greek statues discovered in western Turkey (photo)

They were unearthed at the ancient Greek city of Magnesia

Six statues dating back 2,000 years were discovered Saturday in the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Magnesia, located in southwestern Aydın province in Turkey.

Professor Orhan Bingol, who has been overseeing the excavations in the site since 1984, said four female and one male statues were unearthed in the ruins of a temple to Artemis, adding that one of the statues’ gender was unknown.

The professor said all statues were found in the same area and were in good condition, placed face-down next to each other.

“We know that, along with the ones being displayed in Istanbul, Izmir and Aydın, there have been nearly 50 statues unearthed from the Magnesia ruins. This discovery will not be the end of it and clearly shows we can find more statues in this particular area,” Bingol said.


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