The smallest country in the world has only 7 residents! (video-check out the complete list)

The Republic of Molossia is inhabited by a single family

We always hear about how overpopulated planet earth is and what needs to be done to curtail the problem. Understandably, these concerns are found most of the times in locations where the issue is more pronounced, namely largely populated areas in the developed or developing world.
But there are more than 200 countries in the world, which you have probably never heard of that are scarcely populated. These are territories we never knew existed. They occupy a super small area, and some of them are inhabited by just a couple of families.

For example, one of the smallest countries -although it is not recognised by the United Nations or any other country-  in the world is a micronation founded by Kevin Baugh, located in Nevada, USA. Its population consists of Mr. Baugh himself, his family, three dogs, one cat, and one rabbit.
Molossia has its own national anthem, national emblem, and the national flag. They even have the death penalty for serious crimes. It issues its own passports and even has a space program. In May 2017, the Republic turned 40 years old. Here are the smallest nations in random order:

10. Palau Population: 21, 347
9. Niue Population: 1,190 people
8. Saint Kitts and Nevis Population: 52,329
7. The Principality of Hutt River Population: 30
6. Tuvalu Population: 10,959
5. Nauru Population: 9,591
4. The Principality of Seborga Population: 312
3. Sovereign Military Order of Malta Population: 113,500
2. The Principality of Sealand Population: 27
1. The Republic of Molossia Population: 7