So why do Italians only serve cappuccino in the morning?

Espresso and cappuccino are top choices

Since the introduction of the espresso to the uninitiated, it gradually became one of their favourite coffee choices.
The cappuccino, with its rich froth, also presented a solid option for the amateur coffee connoisseurs, as it was softer with the addition of milk.
But if you are planning a trip to Italy it is good to know that the cappuccino is only consumed in the morning.
For the Italians, since the cappuccino contains milk, it is considered a morning drink, which can only be ordered in the early morning and definitely not after lunch. Moreover, since milk causes dyspepsia, they prefer to consume it very early in the day

However, you will not be disappointed with the coffee options you have after 11 o’clock, since the Italians often serve the hot espresso with a slice of lemon, which is said to bring out the more sweet notes of the coffee.

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