Unfaithful with multiple men, while hubby defends nation overseas (photos)

She justified her infidelity to family saying she had permission to sleep around

If you were a soldier serving your country and protecting your loved one and suddenly found out that your significant half had slept with someone behind your back, it is an understatement to say you would feel crushed. It’s not the first story we have heard of a wife cheating on her military husband who is stationed abroad. But this poor guy discovered his partner had cheated on him, not with one or two men, but  with 60! However, the story is even more twisted that this, as the woman from Texas had told her family that her husband, who was stationed in Korea was gay and had permitted her to sleep around!

He started to notice a few things. She would say that she was taking her mother to the hospital but the car he bought for her would be parked at the Walmart a town over.


The order came that he had been posted to Korea, where he remained for a year.


The woman finally got pregnant, no surprise there…. and gave birth to a black baby….Once the soldiers found out the whole story he started divorce proceedings and began to pack his things, taking the car from her new boyfriend, who was not the father of the child!

She finally confessed when she got pregnant. There was no way he was the father – he had been away and the baby was black while he was white!



During the legal proceedings the woman refused to present the paternity tests in the courtroom that tied the hands of the judge. The hearing was postponed, but finally, the woman was convicted and forced to pack and leave the house, never to set in it again. So it might be understandable that he would like to get some form of revenge and leave her out in the cold with no money…