Special Greek Police force procured with 2 Typhoon GSS-300 armoured vehicles (photos)

Six of the 8 vehicles were acquired by the forces in Evros

The Special Suppressive Antiterrorist Unit (EKAM) of the Greek counter-terrorism unit of the Hellenic Police procured 2 Typhoon GSS-300 armoured vehicles out of a total of 8.

All 8 had been seized by Greek authorities five years ago at the customs of the port of Piraeus bound for Libya where a civil conflict was underway.

Until recently, they were sitting idle in a compound, when the Ministry of Civil Protection decided to restore and maintain 6 of them and send them to Evros to reinforce the Greek forces on the borders with Turkey in light of the Turkish provocations that started in February.

The other two were painted black and sent to EKAM, which also had a serious problem with a lack of such vehicles.

One is now in the facilities of the Special Forces Directorate of the Police in Markopoulo and the second in the EKAM of Thessaloniki.

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