Sting: Greece is showing us how to be civilised again (video)

Famous British singer lauds Greece on its stance towards refugees

Famous British rock star Sting, who is in Athens as part of his global tour, sang the praises of the Greek people over their stance towards the refugees during the crisis. During an event held by Amnesty International at the Athens International Airport the singer, who is also involved in global activist causes, juxtaposed the way in which the Greek people welcomed the refugees during the crisis in Syria to the children in cages, in a clear jab at the U.S President’s policy and its treatment to refugee children (although the image of the crying girl has been debunked).

“Thank God or Greece, because you have shown the way. You have shown how to treat refugees”, he said, while continuing by saying that while others were building walls, and children were being taken from their mothers and put in cages, the “Greeks were acting the compassion, generosity and common sense”.

“Once again Greece has shown us how to be civilised. Democracy was born here in Greece. What we call western philosophy is, in fact, Greek philosophy”. He concluded by thanking Greece.