SYRIZA tries garner Muslim support ahead of July 7 elections

Two SYRIZA Ministers to visit the Athens Mosque

Top ranking SYRIZA ministers and Athens council officials are scheduled to visit the Islamic Mosque in Votanikos tomorrow.
Minister of Education, Research & Religious Affairs Kostas Gavroglou will meet with the newly appointed Imam, Moroccan-born Zaki Mohammed to be briefed on the progress of the Mosque, which is expected to be operational very soon, as some interior arrangements are the only pending matters.
The visit will have a pre-election feel to it, as the Transport Minister Christos Spirtzis was also invited.
A month away from the national elections on July 7, SYRIZA it seems is desperately trying to garner the support of minority groups, as it lost much of the backing of the middle-class Greeks in the recent European Elections, and the Muslim community will be the first one it canvasses for possible votes.