The four basic positions of the Greek side regarding the Cyprus negotiations

Tsipras is meeting the opposition leaders

The Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is meeting the leaders of the opposition political parties to inform them of the four main positions of the Greek side in the Geneva negotiations in the coming Thursday, 12th of January.


The negotiations are not starting with the best possible conditions as the gap between the two sides -the Republic of Cyprus with Greece on one side and the Turkish-Cypriot community with Turkey on the other- is still considerably big.


Turkey does not seem willing to compromise and as it seems the Turkish President Erdogan will not represent Turkey in the negotiations. That probably means that the Greek Prime Minister will not participate either.


According to sources from the Greek government, Alexis Tsipras will go to Geneva only if the negotiations reach a point where an agreement is possible.
The main positions Alexis Tsipras will analyze to the political leaders are:


1. He will analyze the Greek positions
2. He will underline the fact that the Greek side is committed to finding a solution that will be just and viable
3. He will especially mention the issues of security, where Greece has a special role
4. He will repeat the Greek position regarding the guaranties and the total withdrawal of the Turkish occupying forces.