The Greek EKAM unit stopped an escape attempt from Korydallos prison!

The anti-terrorist unit stormed the prison after information about they had received


The EKAM (the Greek SWAT team) prevented an escape attempt from Korydallos Friday night.

A prosecutor’s order was issued after information became known to the authorities of an escape plan that would include taking hostages.

The EKAM search focused on the cell of the detained Fabio Dusco, who was previously charged with involvement in the Gorgopotamos case, the attempt by Christodoulos Xiros and “Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei” terrorist organization to help members of the terrorist organization escape in January of 2015.

Police officers found in the cell of the Albanian detainee knives and laptop connected to the internet with USB connections, but no guns, despite the relevant information they had.

Police sources, however, are investigating how a criminal such as Dusko was found in the First Wing of the Korydallos Prison, where there are no serious criminals housed.