The smallest school in Europe is in Greece!

It has one student

The geographic terrain of Greece presents some serious challenges for a central government to efficiently plan and execute policies for its citizens. With an estimated 6,000 islands, islets and rock islands it is no wonder the country is strained when it comes to the efficient utilisation of its resources. One of them called Arkious is located to the east of the island of Patmos, and hosts the smallest school in the whole of Europe. The 6.7 isle had only one student in the school season that went by. Eight-year old Christos will go to third grade in the new year and his teacher Silia Dimitrakopoulou says she has never taught in such a small school in her life. “Sea transport is prohibitive, there are many difficulties the residents are faced with, there are no shops, there is no bakery, there is no doctor”, she says. The small isle is part of the Patmos municipality and has only 40 permanent residents living there.