This is what Giannis Antetokounmpo & Greek celebrities will look like when they are old (photos)

Check out some of the past giants of music and cinema who have died

FaceApp, the app that went viral in the past has once more attracted attention, as it allows users to see what they look at an older age. The effect has gotten better but these apps, like many other one-off viral apps, tend to come and go in waves driven by influencer networks or paid promotion.
It has gone viral again now due to some features that allow you to edit a person’s face to make it appear older or younger.
This is how some Greek celebrities and foreign stars, alive or passed away, will look like when they get old.

Elenis Menegaki

Fei Skorda

Nikos Moutsinas

Katerina Kenourgiou

Athina Ikonomakou

Giannis Antetokounmpo

George Angelopoulos

Sakis Tanimanidis

Christina Bomba

Maria Korinthiou

Janis Joplin

Michael Jackson

Elvis Presley

John Lennon

Kurt Cobain

Jimmy Hnedrix

Amy Winehouse

Luke Perry