Top Migration Policy official levels serious accuations about refugee hotspots and funding mismanagement

He told Thema Radio that the Minister was aware of the issues

The Director of Reception and Identification Services of the Ministry of Migration Policy, Andreas Iliopoulos made serious accusations of mismanagement on the refugee and immigration policy. Speaking to Thema Radio 104.6, Mr. Iliopoulos said the images at the hotspots were “shameful”, which led him to go public. “We all saw something was wrong”, he said about the mismanagement of EU funds, while clarifying he personally did not have any direct involvement in the distribution of the funds. Greece has been under the spotlight for corruption after the EU anti-corruption body, European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) launched an investigation into allegations of mismanagement of funds earmarked for the hotspots.
“I used all legitimate means to change something. The court’s involvement in the matter is a vindication”. He also commented on the intervention of the Athenian Public Prosecutor, Xeni Demetriou, who has ordered an investigation into the management of the funds to the Chief Public Prosecutor, Marianna Psaroudaki.

Mr. Iliopoulos stressed that the Minister of Immigration Policy was “aware” about all the problems he had identified “in correspondence”.
“There is a mismanagement, it is clear not only from the images you see. We do not have to go out in the news to do our job. I am pleased that the judicial authorities have shown interest. Without wanting to pre-empt anything it is my estimation that the matter will not be covered up, some things will emerge”, he said.

Commenting on the procedural problems of the migration issue, Mr. Iliopoulos said it suffered from major drawbacks. “Third-country nationals come and seek protection and we do not treat them in an appropriate way. The centers on the islands do not have a clear mission. What is it, what are hosting centres? Reception and identification centers?”